Translations from the community

Since i couldn’t find any other posts or Information about any translations, i decided to create a new topic. I was wondering, if you guys at @anytype need some (voluntary) people for translations, ore if there are any other people that need / can provide their own translations.


since you guys are placed in berlin i’m not sure if you would need it, but i could do some english ↔ german translations…

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@IRG008 thanks for your suggestion! I’m not sure what the current ideas are about translation. Some areas in which translation could be needed:

Hopefully someone from the Anytype team comes across this post to shed some light on their approach regarding multi-langguage support.

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@Angelo are there any plans regarding community powered translations?

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I’d help with italian translation.

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I’d help with Chinese translation.

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I could help with french translation.

I am quite sure contributing translations (localization) is on the radar of the team, but it is not yet possible to contribute.

You can start translating here:

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The hardest part will be translating AT’s own terminology.
Am I allowed to translate Set in View? :grin:

I guess for now everybody can translate with best effort and we will see how it works out for each language. It’s probably a decision that has to be made differently for every language, what works and what not. And if there will be things that need to stay or be the same across all, it always can be changed later.

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I downloaded the Spanish XLIFF file from Crowding and started Spanish localization in my CAT tool. I noticed several strings are marked as not for translation (translate="no"), but they seem to belong to the same context as other translatable ones. Was this made on purpose? In such case, the Spanish UI will contain a mix of Spanish and English terms in several places, such as text format (please see screenshot).

Never mind. I have just seen that, after I posted my previous message, someone else started the Spanish translation directly in Crowdin, so I am counting myself out if this.

Hi @Maira! I’m responding in case it becomes relevant again. Crowdin marks duplicating strings as hidden. I believe what you see as the translate="no" flag in the tool you’re using.

Hey IRG008,

Utilizing AI translation tools could be a great starting point for initial translations or to aid volunteers in the process. These tools often assist in streamlining the translation process and ensuring accuracy.

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