Transfer Database

Hello guys,

I’m just getting started with anytype.

Right now I import my old notion database to anytype which works perfect as far as I can see.

Now I would like to know how I can transfer my current anytype database to my laptop with the same data.

Which folder do I need to move for that?


Install Anytype on the laptop and use the same keychain phrase and it will sync everything over automatically and ongoingly. It will use the LAN to sync, if they’re both on the same network.

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Hello Oshyan,

thanks for the answer, this is a laptop on a other network.

This won’t work then right?

@Dominik_H It will work, it’s just that it will go faster on the same network because it won’t have to go by the internet. It will work perfectly anyway!

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such a nice feature.

Thank you lucas