Touchbar support


It would be nice to have basic Touchbar support for MacOS users: arrows for navigating back and forward.

It would also be nice to have easy page navigation using touchpad “two fingers sliding right/left” gesture.

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Touchbar was discontinued though, right?

Agree on left/right gesture, and I think it may be related to my post here:

Discontinued in Apple hardware :thinking: ? [The latest Mac 13" M1 has it](MacBook Pro 13-inch - Apple).

I upvoted your post :slightly_smiling_face: . It would be nice if Anytype was really ergonomic to use.

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@clouedoc Ah, my bad, it looks like it was just rumored to be removed in upcoming models.

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It seems that the touchbar is only available on the 13" model. Doesn’t look like Apple will build it again in their M1 models.