Too much space before link to object

Describe the bug

I think there is to much space, when adding an inline link to another object.

Before the link there is some kind of margin. There is no “space” typed by me between the “noLink” and “Test123” Object.

Expected behavior

no additional space

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Linux
  • Version: 0.18.68

Edit: Typo in title “linkt”. Cant edit the title myself afterwards, right?

How could you differentiate the two if there was no space between them?

The underlining itself is not enough and

@AyneHancer I dont understand the question :sweat_smile:

@kEbZeCK what @AyneHancer means to say is that the spacing is there for a reason, i.e. to differentiate between a link and regular text easily. If the spacing is removed, then how will the text be formatted and a difference be seen.

Okay, I understand that there always should be space.

Just found it not the most intuitive flow, because i normally type a space after a word, and then there is to much space between the link and the word before.

Maybe implement a check, if there is a space before a link. If yes, do nothing. If not, insert a space.

Or something like that?

@kEbZeCK Hi! I repeated that you had written in my Anytype in Ubuntu, and I haven’t any space between one the first part and the second part when I put a link in the second part. Which Linux distributive do you use? And one more question, which text editor do you use besides Anytype?

Here is a recording of it.

I’m running Pop OS. I am not using a specific editor beside Anytype. Im coming from using Joplin for notes. Sometimes using the default gnome editor or vscode.

@kEbZeCK I understood what the problem is. We have fixed this, see in the next release

@Kirill_Lem Great. Thank you

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