Too many types and relations by default + why can't we remove some of it?

Hi, I just want to give an opinion about the (too) many types and relations that come with any fresh space.
It is great to have them to see what is possible and to inspire you but I don’t understand why we cannot remove most of it if we want. I understand that some of it must stay like “set” or “page” for the types and the relations used in the pre-installed types. But for the rest, I don’t understand why we are not allowed to remove them. Besides, it is always possible to reinstall them if needed.
Another point for me is that English is not my first language and I rebuild most relations so they have a more direct meaning for me. The way it is now, I can’t delete the original (English) ones. So I have useless copies of the same “Type” or “relation” in different languages.

I would be interested in hearing about the reasons that led to that. If someone knows about it.

Thank you in advance.



Can you give some examples of which relations, and especially types, you would like to be able to remove?

About translation of default type/relation, it’s apparently planned for this season (january to april) :