Toggle text styles don't conflict with Tittle text styles

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
From what I understand, a toggle text block is like a collapsible article (at least that’s how I use it). Therefore, I often hope that 00 in the toggle block expresses the relationship between paragraphs and primary and secondary by bolding and increasing the font. The title and heading are important. Therefore, I think the block title of the toggle (that is, the content displayed when the toggle is hidden) should be changed to the title or heading style without conflicting with the toggle itself.

Describe the solution you’d like
Added toggle heading option to text sytle options, just like Notion.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I can set the text as title or heading in the next text block, but this is neither beautiful nor convenient, and affects the flexibility of toggle usage.

Additional context
Expanding according to this kind of thinking, is it more appropriate to regard toggle as a type? I’m not suggesting to convert toggle to type, I’m just saying that the combination of type and text style is more flexible.

Requested here :).

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Thanks for linking, @sahilstudio! Closing this topic as duplicate.

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