/todo to create checkbox on Android


This is available in desktop version where we can create a check box with /todo. However it is currently (0.3.0) not possible in Android .


Use /todo to create checkbox.


/checkbox can be used in android to create checkbox in android. Or do you want an alias for the same with /todo as well?

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@lynxlove Yep, that’s what I want

I’ve adjusted the title from “/todo to create checkbox on Android” to “Aliases for blocks” to reflect a broader sense of what is requested.

Removed tag “Android” as this is also relevant for desktop and iOS.

@Srinath feel free to revert these changes if you don’t agree :slight_smile:

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Good one.

Not a big deal, but I wonder if we should reserve the word “aliases” for when we’re referring to the users own content, as requested here:

Although the term “alias” is universal, it has a very specific meaning in the context of note-taking and personal knowledge base software.

I’d suggest changing this request to something like “alternative slashdot commands”, or something similar.

Again, not a big deal.


@sambouwer we could keep the title as it was and only track /todo in this. This fr was a more specific request and not a broad one

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