Title bar stops responding to double-click for window resize toggle

Describe the bug

Double-clicking title bar after using window maximize button no longer toggles Anytype window size.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Click the Window fullscreen/window size button in the upper-right of the Anytype title bar to “maximize”
    1. Double-click anywhere on the title bar
    1. Nothing happens

Expected behavior

Double-click should always toggle window size as it does in other applications

Additionally, you can compare to what happens already in Anytype if you have the window non-full screen and you use double click: it maximizes, then will restore to previous window size if you double-click again. I.e. if you do not use the upper-right window size button but only use double-click, the “toggle” behavior works correctly.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • Device: Custom AMD PC
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Another thing that happens is the minimised, and the maximised icon remains the same no matter what the window’s state is and when maximised, Anytype kind of goes into fullscreen mode hiding the Windows taskbar.

@div3xi Yes, that’s true. Not sure if these should be made as separate bug reports, but I have noticed them both as well.

@Oshyan should i make it a new issue?

@div3xi Yes, I think ideally it should be a separate topic. Both issues relate to the min/max state and the buttons, but to different aspects, and might well be fixed separately.

I have created separate issues.

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With the recent changes made to the window behavior in the last few updates, double click on the title bar is working as it should be. Proceeding to mark this as solved :smile:

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