Tip: how to make nice Mindmaps

Maybe not each of us has it on the radar, but as the title say, we have nice mindmaps now.
(Credit to @Razor !)

PlantUML makes much nicer mindmaps then the ones Mermaid generates:

(Mindmap not finish, but it shows some of the features)

I want to share here the code for the Embed Box which is slightly more complex then the example from Kroki’s website, because I show here how to make a multi line entry and also colored backgrounds and some basic stuff more:

skinparam monochrome false
title Knowledge Managemnent with Anytype
footer Get the app here: https://anytype.io

*[#FFBBCC]: **Anytype**
your "//second brain//"
- local first, privacy first!;

++_ Databases

***: **Collections**
(they work like folders);

***: **Sets**
(saved searches);

**_: Metadatas
the fuel for databases;

***: **Relations**:
- Tags
- Dates
- URLs
- and many more!;

++_ Objects
+++ **Pages**

+++ Notes

++[#lightgreen] Templates

left side

--_ encrypted
--- Syncing
--- Storing


How to do:

First: You need a version greater then v0.37.3 → switch in Anytypes upper drop-down menu to Pre-release if needed.
I’m using v0.37.15 beta.

  1. In Anytype create a Kroki Embed
  2. Click in the Embed box.
  3. Then choose in it’s header “PlantUML”.
  4. Paste the code in it and you’ll get the result from above


And here is the full documentation for PlantUML where you’ll find more options then the few I added here.

  • Use the search function in the documentation and look for “Mindmap”.
    It’s chapter starts on page 350.
    (Yes, PlantUML can do much more than mindmaps!)

It would be nice to see your most interesting maps! :blush: