Timeline with relevant dates (object creation/modification/content age)

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As of right now, Anytype supports a graph view, connecting all objects. Nevertheless, this displays meaning/content-focused relations, at time t (now). It would be super useful and awesome if a timeline could be displayed, showing when I created and edited a specific object, contextually with all of the other significant dates.

As a further step, It would be great to add to this timeline also dates which are mentioned/added/relevant to the objects themselves (for example, if I have an object for Stanley Kubrick, his birth date should be added to the timeline, too).

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No possibilities.

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Ultimate purpose

My personal final ideal purpose is noted in these two pages:

In other apps

Furthermore, on forums of other note-taking apps there are very useful examples and ideas:


@tommi, thanks for sharing this idea.

Right now, there already is a (very) basic timeline available on the Object level.


You can browse the version history by clicking the different versions, but there is no way to compare versions or see what changes apart from manually comparing the versions.

I would like to bring some other feature requests into your request as I think they are related:

Do I understand your request correctly that you’d like to have a separate view (like the Graph view) to see what Objects changed chronologically instead of what changed within an Object (like I shared above)?


Thanks for your very insightful and comprehensive reply, @sambouwer! What you shared, though, is a way to navigate through the history of one single file and its versions. Nevertheless, what I intend to be having is an all-encompassing solution for all of the notes, also where arbitrary dates can be set manually. Not a history, rather a timeline.