Time zone parameter in Date & Time relations

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Participating in online events I am often required to deal with schedules in different time zones. It is unfortunate to have to use a thirdy-party app just to convert the time to my local time zone.

Describe the solution you’d like

When editing the value of a Date & Time relation, to have a way of indicating the Time Zone for this particular value.

As I finish editing, the value would be converted to my local time zone, as configured in my preferences.

Additionally, there could be an option to display the value in the user’s time zone or in the original time zone.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

To use a thirdy-party app to convert the time.

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A formula dealing with Timezones would make this possible as well and would be much more flexible :smiley:

@lynxlove Could you give some more details about it? You mean something like this?

converted_time = apply_timezone(date_relation, from_timezone, to_timezone)

I agree this would be very powerful, but wouldn’t always require a second relation (with the formula)?

I like the idea and I would have both:

  • the convenience of inserting time in any time zone and have it converted to my default time zone;
  • to have formulas related to time zone conversion

yes, exactly like that

true, we might require additional relation to store the event’s time in the from_timezone, then another derived relation to which the new value gets stored

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