Time to Step into Experience! 👥

The community-led endeavor we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived; we can now collectively level-up our Anytypes.

Let us share, and step into each others Experience :bust_in_silhouette::globe_with_meridians::bust_in_silhouette:

As we gear up for our final release of the year, we’re stoked to introduce the ANY Experience Gallery – a community library where we can share our unique Anytype setups and workflows with the world.

ANY Experience Gallery

So, what’s an Experience? In essence, it’s a specific use-case or tailored workflow which can be exported from your Anytype and imported into another. The Experience Gallery is our hub for sharing them.

Experiences can range from elaborate PKM systems, life improving task-trackers, or clever study approaches, to simple custom Types, layouts, or Templates.

Regardless of complexity, your contributions will inspire and benefit the entire Anytype community! Let’s jump in and assemble a diverse selection together so we can hit the ground running on release day!

Big shout-out to our stars who already showcased their setups in our Any Case category, your moment has come! Now we’ll really get a sense of your Experience and walk a mile in your shoes! :athletic_shoe:

For those eager to collaborate on an Experience, or in need of community consultation, feel free to open a topic in the Any Case category. Put your heads together and polish it up before submitting it to the Gallery. You also have the option to vote on topics there and gauge interest, prior to putting in the leg work.

Important Notes:

  • You can export Experiences on any Desktop version, so you can already get crafting.
    • Mobile doesn’t support Experience export/import yet.
  • Building & exporting Experiences works best in a dedicated empty Space.
  • Initially the Experience Gallery is only available on our website, but will later be accessible within Anytype.
  • To take someones Experience for a spin:
    • Head over to the ANY Experience Gallery, choose an Experience and click “Open in app”.
    • Add it to an existing or create a new Space for your Experience.

How to Share Your Experiences

Instructions Here

To create and share your own ANY Experience, follow these steps (you will need a Github account for this):

1. Create a new space which includes only the types, relations, widgets, templates, and objects you want to share. This will avoid accidental sharing of sensitive data from your primary space. Please note: the name and icon of this new space will be displayed for everyone who will install your ANY experience.
2. When the space is ready, export it in Any-Block JSON format. Click on the space name in the top-left corner, click “Export Space”, choose “Any-Block” option and set up following export settings:

  • File format – JSON,
  • Turn on “Zip archive”
  • Turn on “Include files”

3. Make one or several screenshots which show important features of your ANY experience. Save these screenshots in .png format.
4. Now, having created an exported space and screenshots, you can upload them to the Gallery. Explore existing Experiences in the Gallery to get examples of naming, descriptions, and screenshots. Then, please login to Github, follow this link to create a request and fill the form:

  • Give a title to the request
  • Drag and drop exported Zip archive to the “Experience” field
  • Write a title for your experience in the “Title” field; it should be unique, pretty short, and written in English
  • Drag and drop .png screenshots to the “Screenshots” field
  • Write an English description for the experience in the “Description” field
  • Choose one or several categories which suit for your experience in the “Categories” field
  • If the content inside the Experience is not in English, please choose the language in the “Language” field
  • For now, all experiences are published under the MIT license; please confirm that you agree with it, that you have rights for posting such content, and that there is not harmful content in the experience in the “Terms” section
  • When ready, click “Submit new issue” button

5. Someone from Open Any Team will review your submission, and, when approved, the experience will be published in the Gallery. You will be recognized as a contributor in our Github and on our website.

We’re so excited to witness the creativity and innovation of our brilliant Community! :sparkles:


  • We launched our Experience Gallery for Community to share & install use-cases.
  • Join our effort to diversify the gallery by adding your own Experiences.
  • Follow these instructions on :framed_picture: Github to contribute.

YAAAAAY! I love that!


I’d like to put in a personal request for @weston song progress tracker :pray:


@Hexara I will be excited if decide to share your ideas, so I don’t have to recreate them myself :joy:


@Curie I will, I’m already working on a whole new system, will be shared soon :eyes:

Here’s a sneak peek:


Nice! Put me on the waitlist, lol!


Excited to see what the community creates :eyes:


Is the Any Gallery working for mobile yet?

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Just one word, brilliant, inspiring, game changer, can you see why this is so good for me.
Just downloaded the Trip Planner and added the Holiday I booked two days ago, so many possibilities. A big thanks.


Nope, you can import stuff only on desktop, but everything should work normal on your mobile after importing it on desktop.


Huzzah, how exciting!

And even more, when I noticed that in the daily note experience there seems to be a gallery view with the card’s content preview

Is this what it seems? (is it available yet?) eeeeeeeck!

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Those are just relations that are shown, not actual content from the objects themselves.

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Ahhh right! Hope for someday then. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Really awesome, a great tool for wider adoption !


Very Interesting! Can’t wait for you to share. love the choice of icons. just a quick question, did you use the emoji picker to choose the red/yellow/green icons before your priority list? and also the progress tracker? :thinking:


Both of them were made using text symbols, you can find out more here: How to make Progress relation more simple and nicer


Nice! Thanks! :+1:

I’m very excited to see what the community can create! and shout out to the team for making it possible.


I tried using some of the templates multiple times from a new, empty space. Every time I try to use them I get an error that says “Page component "main;import" not found.” Any suggestions?

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What version are you using?