Thinking about switching from Telegram to Matrix as mainchannel

As this project is about open source and privacy, i suggest switching from Telegram to Matrix as main-communication-channel. The best client right now is . Everything is open source, protocol, server software and client software, unlike Telegram.

The advantages as i see it:

  1. Group rooms together in a community (already one created - the current only active room is
  2. It is possible to set a space to “Just invite” (for dev-channel, for example)
  3. Threads are already in beta and will be available soon (usefull later with more poeple in rooms)
  4. Group-Videocalls are currently via Jitsi, but it is going to be implemented native without jitsi currently
  5. Bridging to other channels (irc bridge, slack bridge natively implemented; Telegram bridge, discord bridge for example available, own server or third party needed currently)
  6. RSS feed to “News & Announcements” added to the channel
  7. Completely open source, not just partially

On the opposite i don’t see a real disadvantage beside team-members having to switch their preferred messaging app. (But, i’ll be honest, i don’t use Telegram, so maybe i’m missing something here as well :slight_smile: )

Maybe this can spark a discussion about this stuff in general. (Or, it will end with an “No, we won’t switch.” and i thats fine as well :slight_smile: ) Or maybe there are others who already are on Matrix and want to join as well. Would love to hear other opinions about this.

(As far as i’m aware, you guys know about this already as Ender is in the room (inactive, but i made him Admin), as well as div3xi (who left?)

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I stand behind this proposal 100%. If Anytype truly aims to realize the super long-term vision they’ve propounded repeatedly, I believe consistency dictates we contemporaneously invest in tools that similarly seek to enable greater user freedom—even if this means utilizing a product missing some key features or lacking the stability of services provided by more established, but less privacy-concerned, for-profit companies, a trade-off many of us are all too familiar with.

Having said this, Element, the client I’m guessing most Anytypers will use, is fairly streamlined at this point, substantially more than it has been in previous years. However, it’s not yet the messaging app flagship experience people have grown accustomed to.

There’s lots of work to be done and rough edges to be smoothed out for sure, but, like that niche Anytype feature request you desperately need implemented (and, to be honest, likely won’t see the light for years to come—looking at you, Vim keybindings, modes, and commands), this will be cured with time. We’re already swinging for the fences, so let’s make sure we follow through.

There actually already exists an official Anytype Matrix Space (created by Enda). You can find it here: You're invited to talk on Matrix

Btw, I think it would be nice if the unofficial chat you linked ( could donate its public address ( to the one created by Enda.


+1. Telegram and discord are certainly much more popular and it is indeed easier to reach a wider audience with those platforms than with Matrix. But Matrix is much more aligned with Anytype principle’s in that it is open sourced, decentralised and privacy respecting.

Making matrix the main channel with bridges to Telegram and discord is as trivial as setting up a bot and no one has to migrate to matrix and can continue to use their favorite apps to communicate with the team members and community. It would also be much easier to manage the community since all announcements and releases has to be posted only in one platform (Matrix ideally :sweat_smile:) and the bridge would take care of posting the same in the other platforms.

Anytype using Matrix as the main channel would also help in promoting Matrix a bit and thereby making people aware of the privacy respecting alternatives and getting them to use such apps

Using a bridge linking various platforms also gives the freedom of choice back to the users so that they can use their favorite apps and not miss an update from the team. Currently, the iOS developers are only available in discord and android developers are mostly active in the telegram group. Having a bridge would remove such problems as well

The team could start bridging the discord announcements channel with a separate room in the anytype space for starters and check how it goes from there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The feedback form has been completely replaced with the forum. The team is working on self onboarding to replace Zoom. It would be great if the team looked into the possibilities of mangaing the community through Matrix as well.

Element has most features one would want from telegram and discord. It is much more in feature parity with discord than telegram in that it has message reactions, spaces etc

+1 to this as well


There actually already exists an official Anytype Matrix Space (created by Enda). You can find it here: You’re invited to talk on Matrix

Btw, I think it would be nice if the unofficial chat you linked ( could donate its public address ( to the one created by Enda.

I’m utterly stumped neither Enda nor div3xi mentioned this fact at all. I was not able to find any room about AnyType, thats way i created it and as soon as spaces were available, i created that as well.
And, i made the rooms public available.

It’s also important to mention that it’s quite easy to sign up for Element (you can simply use a temporary mail service) in contrast to Discord, which has a possibility to ask for a phone number, and Telegram, which you cannot sign up for without a phone number.


I fully second this request. I do not use Discord and I do not want to start using it just to follow Anytype alpha testers discussions. Matrix is becoming more and more used, instead, and I would love to have main conversations there.


Agreed. It would probably be best to be on Matrix.


I would love to see the switch to matrix happen.


I don’t use Telegram, but I can support the shift to Matrix. I’m using Element app for matrix on a daily basis and it’s very stable and matrix is quite widely used in open-source communities.