Things I wait for!


  • Set Default Layout Width for canvas
  • Set Default Location and or Size of Icon in front of Title, to save space
  • Set Default Cover Height , to save space


  • Make [Tab] or other key move and be visible to every Relation added to the canvas,
  • Have a Home Button or a Keyboard Shortcut, or the ability to add objects to the Status Bar
  • Show misspelled words anytime, not only in edit mode
  • Allow [Tab] Indent an after a #, ## or ### (Title and Headings)
  • More settings for Tables, there is a need to set Width as 100% of canvas and space columns equally
  • Ability to collapse all indented blocks in any level to its parent, with keyboard shortcut to collapse this or collapse all
  • Ability to link a block in other canvas, looks like LoSeq does that


  • Keyboard shortcut Not working on Linux+Windows
    • CTRL + [
    • CTRL + ]
    • …

Phone (android)

  • On Library, Make top description small or scroll

In Settings, what do you call “canvas” ?

You can already set a default width & icon position in the template configuration…
+1 on cover height, but you just need to look for the feature request that already exist & spend a vote on it.

Same here, there is already a feature request about Tables AND collapsable titles that is waiting for your vote ! :wink:

Regarding the phone app, I use IOS and it is NOT mature at all in the current state… just be patient, the team already delivers a lot on a regular basis.

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Maybe there is a name I did not got familiar yet, I call canvas the area inside an object, the whole space that start with the banner and goes to the end of the page.

Yes, we can bring the width on template to 100%, but if no template, than it needs to be manually updated, and templates wont apply into objects already created… yet.

Not sure how you set the icon position, on Basic Layout, it is always on top of Tittle and kind too big :smiley:

Ah, I agree that top of pages would benefit greatly from a more flexible way to set it.
I like big icons (I got them all from and makes it look great) but I don’t get why Anytype can’t render transparency correctly.

Yet despite the fact that I like it, I understand that we should be able to define where it stands. Same with title ! Why can’t it be on top of the cover???

Yeah, that needs a whole other dimension of dynamic page rendering ! If they ever do that, I’d want us to be able to set custom colours on titles & heaadings / subheadings, callout…