There are better ways to display these elements

With the color-mode Dark,these look more comfortable:

But,with the color-mode Light,maybe there’s a better way to show it:

I just randomly found a similar app,like this:

And that, I found that many other-apps can modify the display style of special elements.
Whether we can do it too?
The default style is not very obvious.
I like AT getting better and better.

Hi @supernetman! The option to have a background color on a block of text or code is available by right-clicking the block (in the desktop app). There are also more shortcuts in this menu.

Here is light mode:

Here is dark mode:

I agree Anytype is getting better with each release! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Curie,THX for letting me know this.

Yes,I get it ,but have you noticed?

The Highlighted is not very distinctive,

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I agree with the Highlighted. I sometimes use it for quotes and wished there’s an alternative design, like the Appearance option for widgets.

As for the Callouts, it used to have larger rounded corners back in alpha stage. It’s a small change, but I truly, truly missed that one because the contrast with the regular ‘sharp’ corners (as seen in your screenshots) make the callout block standout more, imo.

The lack of focus on design is understandable, as they’re still working on core features, but I’m hoping they’ll entertain these kind of requests once we have themes.