The word "bin" for trash is weird

I’ve been using PKMs for ~20+ years, and never seen “bin” used standalone for “Trash”.

First impression:


Later in the UI, I right clicked an object and saw “Move to bin”. That made do a double take, when my intention was to “Delete” / “Remove” / " Move to trash" at best.

Background: Romanian native speaker, later lived in California for 15 years.


Maybe it’s UK English? I’m Italian with English as a second language, and ‘bin’ is the word I’d use for a trashcan usually, and I’ve been taught UK English.


It shouldn’t be too unfamiliar of a term for Windows users but I agree that, “(rubbish) bin” is very much UK English. Virtually no one in the US would say it, and to hear someone call a trash can, a bin, would throw them off at least. We do say “recycle bin” though… :sweat_smile:

I don’t see this as major issue, as any confusion felt by American English speakers would be resolved as soon as they investigated it, but I also agree that “trash”, is a way more universally recognized term for this function.

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If Anytype wants to target global users, I’d argue that UK English has a much smaller userbase than international (~US) English. Even if we count all users with an Indian background, who may have learned UK English in school.

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I feel like “Bin” is fine regardless of how many people use it or not. It feels more correct with what it represents. And yeah I use UK English too.

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Maybe adding UK English as one of the localization options would solve this.

I understand bin, but I agree it’s not a great experience for those who are not familiar with UK English.


Was this feature previously called “Archive”? Why was it changed?

For reference, I toggled between preferred language settings on Mac OS;

when set to UK English it’s called “Bin”
Screenshot 2022-08-27 at 14.07.23
when set to US English it’s called “Trash”
Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 14.05.11
Probably one of few differences between the two settings.

@qualquertipo has the right idea here as it’s the standard approach of other OS’s.


In the past it was indeed called Archive. I assume it was changed because of its intended use: as a place to keep objects you no longer need, but don’t want to permanently delete yet. Archive suggests that its contents are there to stay which is a bit strange if most of you Anytype content will be kind of an archive and not actively used content.

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