The sidebar on iPhone is not dismissible


The sidebar is not dismissible on iPhone; there is no dismiss or swipe to dismiss feature; once it is opened, we have to pick something from it, and there is no back.


  1. Open sidebar


Ability to dismiss


  • Device:
    iPhone 13 Pro
  • OS:
    iOS 17.1
  • Anytype Version:

If I remember correctly, the sidebar is kinda like your homepage on mobile hence the reason why there is no back button.
Is there no global gesture for the back command on the iOS? On Android, you can just swipe on the edges of your screen to do that.

I swiped from all the edges with no luck.

Swiping to go back works for me, but only on pages where you can’t scroll horizontally like on some sets.

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Never worked on any page.

This is how it looks for me:

Thank you for the video; yes, it works like that for me as well; the issue, as I stated above, is that once the sidebar opens, there is no going back to the page.

@Flip I’m wondering is this thing doesn’t even exist in AnyType? In this case, this is a feature request. I’m new to AnyType and assumed it existed because it exists in all other apps.

I’m not 100% sure if I get your question.
So going back from a page to another page or the sidebar, which is like a home screen on mobile works. (If not doing it from a horizontally scrollable set it seems).
Going “forward”, so swiping from the right doesn’t work for me so I think it’s not a feature yet.