The sets' all objects dissapear if I change a relation for 2 second

Describe the bug
I have a filter of including only unchecked objects in “today” view…So whenever i check an object from that view, all the objects dissapear from the sets and reloads after a few seconds. AND if it is to reload within a few miliseconds, and if i have a cover image to that set, it feels like it glitches for a second and then comes back to normal.

Expected behavior
It should probably be seemless and just eliminate the checked object from the set and not reload the entire set again in that particular view

System Information:

  • OS:Windows 11
  • Anytype Version: 0.27.0

Hey @Ishaan,
reports like this one would profit from a little video showing the bug.

I tested what I understood what the bug is.
There is no reload delay for me checking objects that disappear then because of a filter.

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U did it right, but make there was a minor reload in your set too. You didnt notice it becoz there were only 2 objects and you were on top of the page, i will upload my test set dont worry. Also can you tell me how did ypu manage to hide action template checks?

I’m sorry. I don’t get what you mean.

i mean i have checkboxes type so that i can filter out checked objects from a particular view, coz i dont know how to filter out the checked action templated objects. How did you filter out the checked ones?

Do you mean this?

yess!! omg we have a filter for thattt, i have to shift all my objects to action template now haha

I’m using the “Task” type actually.

yes i used that type for task manager, but i couldnt find way to hide the checked ones, so i moved to basic template with checkbox relation lmao

i have posted the video, ypu can give it a check!

Thanks for the video. Looks different than on my side. Your whole screen is flickering.
Have you tried this by any chance on Win 10 also?

Nono, that flickering in the app only when I tick the checkboxes, that’s the bug I’m trying to convey

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The flickering might be a result of your GPU settings, do you have an nVidia card by chance?

It should be fixed, please check

fixed if i check items, no reload…but when i uncheck items, its the same

@sambouwer the bug is still there while unchecking items, please remove the complete tag, thank you!

Hi! The complete tag is for when the fix of a bug or the requested feature is implemented, but, as you posted, there can be feedback about the implementation (incomplete, incorrect). A topic is only really finished when marked solved and closed.

I understand this might be confusing! We are working on a set of status stags that better describe the process.

oh alright! sorry for the misinterpretation!

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