The search animation while creating new relation in a page is not smooth


While we are creating a new relation in a page, the drop-down list is filtered based on our input and it constantly keeps searching for matching terms instead of saying not found or create new relation. Only after the text is entered completely that we get the option of creating new relation button.

Steps to reproduce

    1. Create new page or open existing page.
    1. Click on relations tab
    1. Press new
    1. Try to input new kind of relation

Expected behavior

It should either show no relation found as we are typing new relation name instead of creating stuttery animation.

Device details

Anytype Desktop: 0.18.54

OS : Windows 10 20H2

Device: Dell Inspiron 7000

Additional Details

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@Tanzeel098 I tried to recreate the issue but I am unable to. Is this something that occurs frequently?

@div3xi Yeah everytime I create it happens. Your relation creation was smooth

For me this happens on my Manjaro Machine. But only if I try to change a “status” or “tag” relation in a draft but not if I change it via the relations-dialog. But if I change it via the featured-relation when the relation-dialog opens automatically this flickering happens too.