The same updateinformation appearing at every update

Describe the bug

It showed me now the third time “Updated to 0.20.0” while its in real updated to 0.20.9

To Reproduce

TBH, i don’t know how. Wait for the next update?

Expected behavior



for example

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Anytype Version: 0.20.9 according to the update. Its btw. quite irritating that there are 2 burger menus.

Can you please try checking for updates manually and check if the issue is getting reproduced?

Anytype -> Check for updates

No, because it seems there have to be a real update underlying. I guess the first was 0.20.0, the second 0.20.3 or something like that and today 0.20.9

It was just everytime after the update after the new start of anytype i got the infoscreen “Whats new in 0.20.0” or something like that. If i try to manually update now its (correctly) “You are on the latest version: 0.20.9”

@natrius ah okay, the minor version bumps mostly did not have a separate changelog because they were released to address issues from the already released major release. So for the last three updates, 0.20.0 is the major update which had graph view support, gallery, list view, latex etc. For most of us, LaTeX block was not getting displayed which was fixed in 0.20.2. Today’s update had internal changes so it did not have any changelog as well. But each update usually displays a changelog, so since the recent one is 0.20.00, it’s getting popped up after each update

There should be something like “if [changelog] != empty show [version] + [changelog] else don’t display [changelog” or something like that. I’m fine with getting an update with no notification for the most part, but when i get three updates with the same number (its not, it changed in the background, but whatever) its getting weird.

The other thing, you guys are planning on releasing on GH, so it should be possible to autocreate tags and get a changelog anyways.

I mean, the same is for F-Droid - use the fastlane structure for autoupdates in the store, the same could be used in the app itself.

Just some suggestions, nothing else. And thanks for the amazing app :slight_smile:

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@lynxlove It would be nice in my opinion if even this small bug fixes are mentioned somewhere. Maybe not in the whats new screen but on this forum or somewhere.

I would love to know that 0.20.3 fixed this and that, so I could also test if it is fixed since I have a lot of bugs in my Anytype sadly!

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There were some changes in the changelog process.
Does this occur to you, since the last two releases?

Yes, in my opinion this is done. The info after the update is showing the correct info and there is a nice changelog. Looking good.