The plus sign thing also shows up on the cover

Describe the bug

The plus sign thing shows up on the cover where there is no need for it be there.



This should be fixed in the current public version. Can you check for updates and see if you are running the most recent one?

@Oshyan Yes I am on the latest version.

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@div3xi Strange because I cannot reproduce it here. According to the About I am on 0.18.28, which is the latest, so should be the same as yours:

Let me retry creating the issue might have been a glitch…


@div3xi Nope, this occurs to me too. I’m on the latest version.

Hmm, interesting. I still cannot reproduce it. Perhaps there are more steps or specific page config/contents that makes it happen? If you just start Anytype from scratch and create new page, does it still occur?

Yeah even I am experiencing it. I am on latest build .

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Hmm, ok. I will need to look into why it does not happen for me.

By the way an update was released today, can you check to make sure it still happens now?

@Oshyan Yes I have updated the desktop app and the issue is still present

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Happens to me too.

OS: Arch Linux 5.13.4-arch1-1
Device: Dell XPS 13 9370
Version: 0.18.51

Hey, i can’t see plus button anymore on windows or linux. Does this still occur for you @lucasmmarino @Srinath @div3xi ?

Hey there, I’ll check and update in 5 minutes

Yup, can’t see it anymore!

OS: Arch Linux 5.16.12-arch1-1
Device: Dell XPS 13 9370
Version: 0.24.0
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Windws 10

Anytype v. 0.18.28

The button is not functional on cover hover.