The Option "Move to" doesnt work properly anymore

When I wanna move a page or anything else I cant move to the anytype homepage anymore. I always see the same 6 pages where I can move things into that arent relatated to or even nothing like in the screenshots.

I suggest you follow the format for writing bug reports. It will be easy for the developers to reproduce the bug and fix it.

The format is available in bug reports section . It’s pinned post!

To reproduce:

  • Hold a block
  • Tab the option “Move to”
  • Go to link from (screenshot above)
  • See if you can go back until the pages from your main screen appear

Bug is constantly on Android alpha 0.1.13 and 0.1.14 version that the homescreen pages aren’t reachable anymore

@XxxBalCion Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker

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Since the “move to” option works now differently on android this bug has solved itself thanks : D