The Most Satisfied App

Dear Anytype community,

I am an international student from China and studying in the US.

I fell in love with this app as I saw it for the first time. The UI possesses powerful functionality with the ultimate in aesthetics. I have used it for a week to collect my readings and organize my lecture notes in the fall semester. I think everyone who cares about functionality and beauty should have this app.

I am really lucky that I can participate in the alpha group. In China, there are no companies to build things like Anytype. These companies, such as Wolai, just imitate Notion and provide some local cloud backup storage, because Notion is not stable to use in China. I am also in the alpha group of the FollowUp, which is also a poor imitation of Notion. Their functionality is just 1/10 of Anytype and now they want us who in the group to share their service with our friends. If we can invite enough people, they will give us a one-year subscription for the later mature version. Hence, I quit the group because their production is something that makes quick money.

In China, this app could earn a huge market share because we don’t have this kind of app other than Notion. I believe Anytype can earn huge applause around the world.

I really love Anytype and have shared features and functions on WeChat Moments and showed to my friends. Many of them express their interests and willingness to join the Beta version. I hope the team can make the app better and better and please don’t be hurried.

Have a good Christmas Holiday!


Thank you for such wonderful feedback. :blush: Happy holidays!