The invitation code issue has improved

At present, there is a problem with the invitation code, if the computer system reinstalled or because the anytype app uninstall will cause the invitation code to expire, I hope this current test stage can be changed, do not want to disturb the staff to send the invitation code repeatedly, hope that the invitation code like the account can be used repeatedly at present.

You need to use the invite code only for the first time. You then need to use the login phrase generated to login each time.
You can find the keychain phrase from Settings->Keychain Phrase. Note it down somewhere safe and use that to login into your account the next time

Sorry to bother you again, but can you send me the invitation code again? I uninstalled AnyType because of system problems, and the invitation code became invalid. I’m really sorry.

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Kindly follow the steps in the following thread:

Be sure to note down the keychain phrase :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But at present I invite code invalidation can not log in to use anytype, this should be how to do.

Kindly check the If You Have Lost Access to Anytype section in the linked thread.
TLDR: You have to email with your forum name, any alternate email addresses you used with Anytype, and your Telegram name, if applicable.

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