The images & files of a certain type of object should be linked in Graph view

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I think one of the usage scenarios of the graphics mode is a bit similar to brainstorming, so the objects and their associated pictures and files will be very useful when thinking.

Describe the solution you’d like

In the Graph view, images and files should be linked to their related objects.


@michaellw since you already created a bug report regarding this i have deleted this thread.

@div3xi Yes pls, thank you!

Should this topic here be deleted? Or was you answer regarding another topic?

I would hate to have all images in a page linked automatically. It should be toggleable by type I think.

I use about 5-100 images in some of my pages and that would incredibly clutter the interface

@Inkqb A toggle makes sense but having an option to link the images to the places they are

used useful to know that it is being used in the page. Having an option to filter the graph view should improve the performance in the case of a page having several hundread images

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@Inkqb If you insert such a large number of images on a page, and expand in the Graph mode in the current way, it will definitely mess up.

So what we need is how to deal with this situation. I agree with @lynxlove . I think links are necessary. At the same time, we need a better solution for the messy interface caused by a large number of links.

Just like the request [1078](Exclude types / images from graph view) you submitted, I think exclude or filter is also a good way.