The images & files of a certain type of object are not linked in Graph view

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I don’t know if this is a bug or the design is like this, but I think they should be linked, just like the icon.

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If this is the design, then I have a new feature request:



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@Inkqb In addition, I’m also curious about what kind of scenario need to insert so many images on a page, is it the kind of long paper that contains a lot of images and text? Or is it used as a photo album?

If it is the former, can you consider dividing into chapters (using different pages), it will be more convenient to browse and manage, if it is the latter, just use the gallery view of Set. :smiley:


I use my notion as a knowledge base for my work as a physician so I have a lot of pages on specific diseases/situations on which I have many toggles with coppied info from various sources, often in the form of screen captures/images since it has much less copy/paste issues that way


@Inkqb Ah, I see. As you paste more and more images, have you encountered performance issues when visiting this page?

Maybe you can try to use Set to manage the contents of these toggles. You can create a type, and turn each toggle to a page of this type, paste the images in the corresponding page. In this way, you can take the advantage of the grid/list/gallery views of Set, coupled with the use of tags, I think it will be more convenient to use and manage. :smiley:

And you can create another page to summarize these Sets to form a directory, or use the inline set when it is released.

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@michaellw It wouldn’t work with sets, I need to have everything easily findable in search and often the toggles have the same names (ie. “treatment”… etc) so I would end up with hundreds of objects named the same there. This works best for the way I use it (I kinda did the same in onenote and then notion with >20’000 pages).

Performance is really fine with a lot of images, I haven’t noticed any slowdowns

@michaellw Thank you for your notice! We haven’t implemented this yet, but planning to do that in the future. I will reopen your feature request and will close this thread.

@michaellw Closing this in favor of your feature request