The due date filter if set to today, no tasks show up

Describe the bug
I have a task manager set and a view in it named as “today” which shows only tasks whose due date is today through the filter. But sadly, no tasks which have been assigned todays due date would show up in that view!

To Reproduce
Jut make a view and filter due date is today, and make an action object whose due date is today, and it wont show up in that view

Expected behavior
due date with today should show up…

System Information:

  • OS: Android 12L
  • Anytype Version: 0.9.0

TL;DR: Adding the filter from android does not work as expected (looks like another kind of filter is created).

I reproduced this on LineageOS 19.1 (Android 12) Anytype 0.9.0 and I found something intresting:

Creating the filter from android using “today” like this:

does not work (does not display tasks with “today” in the relation).

But if you open the desktop application (Windows 10 – Anytype 0.27.0) the filter is displayed as an “Exact date” (maybe streamline the text here if exact day and exact date are the same) with a time value too, like this:

Re-creating the filter from the desktop with “today” will make the filter work as expected both on the desktop version and in the mobile one.

Update: this seems to happen for the other semantic dates too (e.g. “tomorrow”)

Yes I face the same but, but correcting it from desktop just shows due date is today on my android but still doesnt show today’s tasks in the view

Have you tried to close and re-open the app?

Yes, its the same

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@Razor @mordan @ignatovv pls acknowledge this

Yes, it’s a known issue, we will fix this


Yes I face thw same issue and the same exact date

@ModTeam acknowledged?


@kerbless Yep, it was “Acknowledged” by Razor and I’ve appended the status.