The checked object does not gets eliminated from a particular view if filter is applied too

Describe the bug
I have a set view of task managercalled TODAY which includes only the unchecked tasks with the checkbox relation and eliminate the checked tasks once done. But when i check a task from my android, the check box hangs and does not change its state to blue tick from a void circle and thus the task does not get eliminated from the particular view, but when i go to some other set and come back to it again, it updates itself and everything is right again

Expected behavior
I want it to update itself instantly and not force load it to update it. It should be seemless

System Information:

  • OS: Android 12L
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: One plus 7t
  • Anytype Version: 0.8.2

Hi @Ishaan, even though the Relation used as an example in this post below, I think the underlying problem is the same. Could you check whether these are indeed duplicates?

my problem is in android, his is in desktop

Hi @Ishaan you are right! I missed that. The issue itself can still be the same. Is this the case or is this a different issue?

Im not really able to understand his bug​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Could you check whether I’ve properly reproduced the issue you describe on my Android phone?

  1. I start with three identical Objects of Type Task (only name is different) and a Set view where you can only see the Task Objects that are NOT marked Done
  2. I open one of the Objects and check the checkbox when the Object is open (I think my recording starts there)
  3. You then see that this Object (Test to do 2) is marked as done and therefore no longer visible in the Set view
  4. Then I stay in the Set view and try to mark the Test to do 3 Object as Done, but you don’t see any visual feedback that the Object is marked Done and the Object remains visible in the Set view.
  5. I open the Object and you can see the green checkbox is visible
  6. I then go back to the Set view and no longer see the Object. Only Oject “Test to do” remains.

Yes u did reproduce it. For addition, the checkbox type relations has the same behaviour

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