The ascending and descending order sorts arent working properly with other sorts

Describe the bug
So basically i have a task manager in in which i have status relation with checkbox type to check done tasks. I use this relation instead of the inbuilt action template becoz it gives me the flexibility to dump my checked tasks to the bottom of my sets automatically with the sorts so that done tasks are no more in my eyesight. Now i have a due date relation too, so that the tasks which have been dued today automatically appears to my TODAY view becoz of the filter i have applied. Now, i want my chehcked tasks to appear at the bottom of my sets and the due dates with the most recent time to appear at the top( I use the time with date too so that i get to know which tasks do i have to complete first). Becoz i want to merge two sorts in one view, this bug wont let me. What happens is if i place status with sort ASCENDING and then 2nd sort of due date with lower priority of ASCENDING, it should technically give priority to the status first and thus should accumulate all the checked tasks at the bottom and then the priority to due date with all recent tasks to be done to be accumulated at the top. But im not able to achieve this, only the status or the due date sort works one at a time. Whats the problem you can see? If i apply status’ sort as first priority, then the due date scatters with no proper order in the set even if i have the due date with ASCENDING sort on, and vice versa if i apply due date as the first priority. I HOPE IM MAKING SENSE lol

To Reproduce
Just follow and apply filters and sorts asmentioned above and you will see the bug

Expected behavior
I want both the sorts to work with the priority as mentioned in the sorts column

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 11
  • Anytype Version: 0.27.0
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Hi @Ishaan, I believe there are some issues with sorting, mainly with Status Relation Type and Tag Relation Type. No other topics include issues with the Checkbox Relation Type, so this is a good one to be added! Thanks for posting :slight_smile:


Ig this issue might be related to “AND” and “OR” function in sorts

I understand your description more or less, but can you demonstrate it in a short video please? It’s the best means to illustrate this problem.

Alright I would do it today!

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Hey @Ishaan Did you have a chance to record a video of this?

Hi @Ishaan any chance found some time to make a recording? :slight_smile: it will help us but mainly the devs to understand the exact issue.

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This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

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