Text to bullet list and back

If I have a textblock and write "- ", it becomes a bullet list what is really nice!

But, when I click on BACKSPACE, it would make more sense to go back to normal text instead of deleting the whole block (maybe only for the first item in the list, but I suggest for all)


text block

-> write "- " = bullet

-> BACKSPACE = line deleted


text bock

-> write "- " = bullet

-> BACKSPACE = bullet back to text


I agree, this would make much more sense functionality wise! :+1:

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@wemiprog Thank you for your notice! We haven’t implemented this yet, but plan to do that in the future

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Supposedly, this just got included with the latest update I received to the Desktop app. However, it still seems to have the old behaviour. Which is OK because Cmd-Z (I assume Ctrl-Z on Win) performs the desired function, just like it does in Word.