Text of linked objects in Toggle will turn invisible once object is reopened

This is most likely a duplicate (but I cannot find a similar report) so I apologize!

Description of Bug:

When any object is linked in a Toggle, after leaving and reentering the page, the text (i.e. Title and Description) of the linked object will be gone. The link object is still shown, and remains clickable — the text is just invisible.

This occurs regardless of the linked object’s appearance.

To Reproduce:

    1. Create a Toggle in any object
    1. Create a linked object nested inside of the Toggle
    1. Leave the object, and reopen it
    1. Linked object’s text will be invisible until it is some how updated (change in appearance, moved, etc.)

Expected Behavior:

For text to remain visible, even after reopening an object.

System Information:

• Windows 10 Home, version 10.0.19042 Build 19042

• Anytype version 0.19.0

Additional Context/Information:

[Video showcasing the bug](4QnjNCVHj5.mp4)

*Does not occur on Android

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Doesn’t reproduce for me on windows or linux in the current release. Is it still occurring to you?

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Nope, seems to have been fixed in recent updates; thank you!