Tex Equation Support

I think equation support will be very useful to students taking notes, writing reports etc. and it is a very common feature in many of the popular note-taking applications.

Supporting KaTex syntax for inline equations as $E = mc^2$ and a block beginning and ending with $$ for block equations should make the exported markdown files from other popular application compatible with anytype in terms of displaying equations.

I get the impression that equation support is a highly requested feature form the Telegram group but I have not seen a request posted here so I thought Iā€™d make one for others to upvote.


@attie Thank you for going through the trouble to make a proper feature request here. It is definitely a highly requested feature we are all looking forward to.


Definitely +1

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+1 from me too.

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+1 This is basically a necessity for any maths/physics academic.

+1 equation is really a necessity for note making