Template not used as default in custom type

I don’t know if it’s a bug or something that requires a FR…
Edit : it seems to be a bug, I change the category of my post

1- Create your own type (like a custom Note)
2- Add specific relation
3- Create a beautiful template :smiley:
4- Profile → Preference → Default object type : “custom Note”

What I expect is that when I create a new object, by default it will be my custom note with the template defined…
But :

  • if I click “+” on the bottom toolbar, it create a custom Note without the template defined.
  • Library → Type → Custom Note → Create new objet : it create a custom Note with the right template

I’ve seen bugs but talking about a choice of template at creation.
Here, I don’t have a choice, good, I don’t want one (and I only have one template). I just want this template to be used by default.
Bug or FR?
Or a mistake on my part?

Thank you.

I suspect this is a bug. Looking at the flow to set the default object type, what you describe should work

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@Shampra can you please confirm: when you enter the Type Library and open the Note Type you’ve created, do you see your Template there in the first position?

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Yes :

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^^ Thiss… So very annoying. I have seen a FR for this as well but makes more sense as a bug!! argh

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This problem will be fixed within a couple of releases. We will introduce new UX for templates.

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Sounds great that this has been/will be fixed @ignatovv - thanks.

Is it also true in the situation where I in relation decide to add a new object (a type where I have multiple templates available). In this situation I don’t get the template selector - it just adds a blank Object of that type…

(It’s a relation set to only take 1 type of Object, and when adding a new Object it chooses the correct object type - it just misses the Template selector - like if I add a new Object in text/content f.x. - hope it makes sense)

Currently I don’t do this because of the missing Template selector pop-up - I go add the Object separately and choose the correct template - and then go back to the other place and selects it in the relations afterwards. Seems this should be more efficient - maybe its a bug too - maybe relevant for this topic?

This one also will be affected by the update. The same interface will popup for object created from relation.

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