Template / Duplication Button

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Not a problem, but there are some pages where I have a set method of laying out content, and I’d really like a quick and simple way to duplicate the layout each time.

Describe the solution you’d like

I really like Notion’s ‘Template’ button function, where you can name a button and it will automatically create that ‘set’ of duplicate content for you underneath the button.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Not too sure what alternatives might exist function-wise - right now, I think I’ll just have a ‘template’ set living in a toggle function and will copy and paste as necessary. But automating that would be nice!

Additional context

Sorry if this has been requested already / is already in the pipeline! I took a look through feature requests but couldn’t see anything on it.


Thank you for the feature request!

We are working on this feature, i hope we will release it in 2 months



Fantastic! Looking forward to the next builds. Thanks again for all your hard work!


Available in the latest update (0.24.0). Kindly check :grinning:

Are you referring to the Duplicate function?
I’d like to see the Notion template button implemented in Anytype (Used the template button in Notion heavily when I was an active Notion user). However, when I browse through the alternatives that are currently available, I can’t really find anything that mimics that feature.