Tasks or Objects created under other Objects

Hi everyone,

I am a little bit stuck and try to explain why. Lets assume we have a structure something like this
work → projects → objectives or tasks

So under work I will create a new Project called “Project1”, now I have several things to do and create new Objects called Objectives on the Project1 page. Now I want to create a set or inline set to see all open objectives I have for the project.
In my head it should be possible out of the box, as the Objective is a Child of Project1, so I should be able to see all Objectives of Project1. In reality you cannot do it, as it does not seem to have this kind of relationship automatically, so everytime I create a new objective or task on my Project1 page I need to create a Tag or other explizit relationship which is kind of a lot of extra work -.-

Hopefully it was understandable :smiley: and maybe I am also missing something here.

Would be nice if someone can help me out. thx a lot

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible yet.
When you create a task trough the slash command, you’re just linking that new object to the current object. There is no hierarchy.
Usually these kinds of things are indeed done trough inline sets, but there are a lot of this missing before this is going to become possible.

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OK, thx for the answer! So I have to tag or link all tasks and objects to my project by hand

Yes, you would need to link them manually at this point unfortunately.

You can automate the process a bit by using relations.
For instance, you can create a relation called Objectives and add it to your Project type. You can then limit the objects that show up in that relation to only objectives. That way when you want to add an objective to the project, only objectives will show up in the search bar.

You can also create objects from this relation window, but unfortunately now they all get created as default types. It would be nice if this window accounted for what objects show up in the search bar and then created those objects instead of the default one.
You can create a feature request for this if this is something you might want.