Taskbar disappears after minimizing and maximizing

Describe the bug

Minimizing and Maximizing the Anytype windows does not show the taskbar at the top.

To Reproduce

Minimize the anytype window and then open it again from the windows taskbar.


  • OS: Windows 10 Build 19043.1023
  • Version: 0.18.15

Yes I have experienced the same issue.

I need to end the anytype task in task manager to start working on other tabs

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Same problem here but I can close it from the taskbar and it only happens when the app is on maximize option.

  • Windows 10 19042.1052
  • Anytype 0.18.15

Looks like it was fixed!

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@Kirill_Lem it has been fixed. Thank you , could you please mark it as fixed.

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