Task duplicate makes graph view inconsistent

I have 2 different projects with very similar tasks. For example;

  • Project A : Logo design task A, color palette design A
  • Project B : Logo design task B, color palette design B

I have created “Logo design task A, color palette design A” tasks for Project A and linked to “Project A”. For Project B, instead of creating from scratch, I have duplicated these 2 tasks and edited as “Logo design task B, color palette design B” and linked to “Project B”. However, since source objects of duplicated tasks (for B) are the first tasks (creared for A), graph view shows “Logo design task B, color palette design B” as related with Project B and Project A. What I want is to keep the tasks and their view seperate. Since I could not edit, delete “source item” in duplicated tasks; I could not find any solution.
Is there any solution for this problem that I could not discover?
Thanks for your help.

Hi there @ssAnytype

Go to the bottom of your Project A, you’ll find links to “Logo design task B and color palette design B”, delete them and they’ll be unlinked.

Hey @ssAnytype , have you tried doing what @Hexara suggested?

I have read it but there is no link of project B tasks in project A or vice versa. And the problem has misunderstood. It is about source object and graph. Since project B tasks were derived from project A tasks, in graph view, all of project B tasks were linked to derived tasks of project A. This graph view is not correct and i want to delete the source object of project B tasks. Since source objects are locked for editing, i could not find any solution to this problem.