Tags memorized within a relation seem inconsitent

Describe the bug

When I add tags to a relation they seem to disapear / sometimes not show when adding new tags, leading to make having to “create” the same tags over and over. (=Sometimes the tag is not in the proposed dropdown list and cannot be found by searching)

It also seem like some tags cross over other relations.



THE TAGS APPEARING SEEM INCONSITENT (=here “arythmies” should appear since it is a tag I created withing the “categorie” relation) (also note that “pacemaker” appears here while it did not on the previous picture) (also note that “ANE/SIA/INT” are tags I created in the “spécialité” relation and not in the “catégorie” one but they show here)

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Create a tag within a relation
    1. Try to add it to multiple objects
    1. Sometimes the tag is not in the proposed dropdown list

Expected behavior

When you create tags WITHIN A RELATION it shows only those tags when adding new ones in the same relation and it shows them consistently.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: WIN10
  • Device: desktop
  • Version: 0.18.54

I made a video showing this:

As you can see some tags exist but are not shown in the dropdown menus for other objects of the same type.

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More exemples of the tag inconsistancy issue, I suddenly have multiple tags that have disapeared (all were initially added from the set view).

Another video exemple of inconsistency in showing tags


+1 found the same bug on ubuntu 20.04

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Maybe a list of the tag issues I’ve encountered :

  • some tags disapear from the dropdown list after being created and cannot be found while searching, leading to you having to re-create them (kinda like duplicates ?)
  • some tags show up on the actual object but are not visible in set view
  • some tags cross-over other relations (this happened for 4 tags and I cannot replicate it)
  • some tags can’t be deleted
  • some tags created while on the object can’t be found in the dropdown menu when trying to add them from a set

I noticed something about relations which I noted here: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1472

Maybe issues with tags are related to that sync issue.

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@Inkqb Thanks for your bug report! We have fixed the bug in the dataview relations update in the latest desktop release(v0.18.58). And I cannot reproduce your problem now. Can you please check it and confirm?

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I still have pretty weird behavior on my end. My suspicion is that it could be related to me playing with types and relations when the [hidden db-functionality](Hidden DB functionality - a treasure hunt) was found. I created tag- and status-relation-options which still appear now when I create a custom type with custom tag- or status-relations.

I think that I can narrow it down to a few inconsistent behaviors:

    1. tag-relation-options which I created before this update can’t be deleted
    1. tag-relation-options which I created before this update are being suggested in the “in this object” section in newly created tag-relations
    1. tag-relation-options that shouldn’t be suggested disappear after adding one of the to the relation

I am trying to upload a video showing the issues.

The videos [1](2021-08-09 17-09-12.mkv - Google Drive), [2](2021-08-09 17-17-35.mkv - Google Drive)

After I updated to 0.18.59 it seems like the behavior for tags changed a bit.

  • tag-option suggestion for “In this object” and “Suggested” seems to be much more consistent for each relation

  • deletion of tag-options is still not really possible, even for newly created tag-options

  • now there are a bunch duplicated tag-options in each relation. I have a feeling that these are the ones from when I created a few of the same tag-options over and over again trying to keep them in the tag-option-suggestion-list when the tag-suggestion was still inconsistent. But now that the tag-suggestion seems to be better those tag-options are maybe being correctly displayed. So it could be that tag-suggestion is fixed for me but I still can’t delete those, that I don’t want in each relation.

  • One behavior I could replicate for deletion not working as intended:

      1. Open a set
      1. Open an object in that set
      1. Add a tag to a relation of that object
      1. Close that object
      1. Open another object of that set which doesn’t have that tag added to that relation
      1. Delete that tag-option for this relation. This should delete the tag added to the object in 3. because the tag-option was deleted.
      1. Close that object and go back into the object from 2.
      1. The tag that was added to the relation in 3. should have been deleted in 6. but it is still added to this relation in this object.

    When I do the same but editing the tags from within the grid view of that set without opening the objects seperatly it works as intended.

Possibly related report: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1479

Right now to wait until we can delete tags you can simply rename all those you don’t want (duplicates) to something like “xxx” this works fine to avoid confusion.

I create a bookmark type/set with a tags-object.
Often when i want to add tags that i now for sure that are already exsists the tags do now show.
First i have to go to the home and than open the specfic bookmark-object again. If i than add a tag the tags do show.
See screenshots below.

Describe the bug
When i want to add an existing tag the tags do now show

To Reproduce
Select a tag

Expected behavior
All tags showing

System Information:
MacOS 11 - Powerbook Pro 2016 - 2,7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 - 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Anytype 0.24.0