Tags Improvements, Link/Unlink Spaces from Graph and maybe Canvases

What Do You Recommend?

Tags Improvements: It would be amazing if when tags are clicked the Space is queried to show all objects with that tag. Bonus if any relation could be clickable.

Spaces: Now that we have spaces it would be amazing if there were options to connect those spaces. Could this be done with links - similar to the way that linking is done within a space? Not a major biggie… OR the option to quickly send a note or a file to a different space. Like if I have an idea for an article and I jot it down in my ideas within my personal space it would be cool to come back and then share, link, or send that idea to my workspace for distillation or execution.

Canvases may be a big ask given how much you have already given but man o man would it take things to the next level if I could do work like what I do within Hepta Base or even Obsidian within AnyType? Pulling objects and components onto an infinite canvas where I can process the information I put in my vault better would be phenomenal and would take AnyType from a catalog to a workspace for me.

A Readwise or Omnivore integration would be cool too.

Real World Use-Cases

Clickable Tags and Relations would all me to quickly reference all tags that fall under a similar topic.

Recommended Alternatives

Clickable Relations WorkAround: Create a new object called Tag that is clickable and shows connected objects. Open the Tag Relation as an Object > Create a Set > Use filter by tags to isolate but can be annoying because the relations aren’t even searchable in that view.

Please create separate feature requests instead of bundling them all into one.


I’d like it too

For clickable relations, here is the separate Feature request: View relationship values with clickable values

There are also tags briefly mentioned (as tag relations), but is there a separate thread for “clickable tags” feature request? I cant find any, but I am new here.

I would love to have clickable tags (same as in this community forum), so I dont need to create special sets from tag relation with tag filters.

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