Tags for Pages

Would it be possible to support tagging pages with tags and use them later to filter the search results or show all pages with a specified tags?


I like this request too and ask for another prompt: When filtering for hashtags and using more than one hashtag in search, I would like the filter to work this way:

example: #climate (10 pages) #statistics (30 pages)

result: first hashtag shows all pages using the hashtag #climate (let’s say 10 pages)

second hashtag #statistics should preferably not show all the pages having this hashtag in addition (e.g. not adding 30 pages on top of the 10 pages with the first hashtag to the search result) but just show those pages that have both hashtag #climate and #statistics (for example 2 pages)


We will implement this and release it with the databases :slight_smile:


@Pierre This should probably be implemented using search operators and not assumptions by the search system. For example #climate AND #statistics would return only pages that have both hashtags, whereas #climate OR #statistics would return pages that have either (and thus be a more “additive” search).