Tags filter like roam research

Feature I would like and is related to a problem

Tags is useful and great however they are problem that will limit it advantages.

And roam does a better job in managing these tag with filter. Filter is pretty useful and should be a must IMO in any app which has tags and roam research way of having all the tags and remove them in filter list of what is not relevant for you is nice and makes tags a powerfully useful one.

Solution I would like

We can integrated into into the search or in connections view with a filter icon which shows up tags. Filters should be Roam like and in addition to that ability to search filter should also be added, so we don’t have to search for the removed tag that is buried in other zillion tags.

[Example at 5:00 mark in this video](How to Take Smart Notes | Zettelkasten Method in Roam Research and Logseq - YouTube)

Example in image

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It would be helpful if you can provide a video example of how Roam’s tags work. There should be a lot of them out there.