Tags are not relation specific

First => I am unsure if this is intended or not

Describe the bug

Tags seem to go across different relations. Video exemple bellow.


To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Create a tag relation
    1. Create a tag
    1. Create another relation
    1. You can see the tag in the dropdown list

Expected behavior

Tags should be relation-specific (like in notion where they are property specific in databases), this allows for less cluttering of the interface when heavily using tags for multiple different reasons

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: W10
  • Device: Desktop
  • Version: 0.18.54

Additional context

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This seems to sometimes be the case and sometimes not. I have seen it work perfectly before with tags in the object appearing under that section and other potential tags appearing in the ‘suggested’ section. Although the tags have been very inconsistent for me thus far and so I think this may be part of the issue…



Same conclusions on my end. For some relations they seem to work fine so far and I can’t figure out what makes them go wrong sometimes.

I don’t really know what is the way the tags are supposed to work (maybe a dev can explain?) but they seem rather bugged at the moment (can’t delete some, inconsistencies with them appearing in dropdowns, not being able to find some tags you have already created)

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Same issues here. When some relations are not deletable I noticed that after I deleted one relation via an object/draft of that type in the realtions-dialog, closed that object/draft and opened it again it seemed to sync this relation back in. So maybe there is an issue with synchronizing relations here too.

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I can confirm that I have the same issue. As a user seeking to replace Notion with Anytype, relation-specific tags are integral to my workflow and are very important. Tags also seem to disappear and appear randomly, especially after deletion.

Describe the bug

When you create a new Status relation for a type and create some inputs for it, you can select not only the inputs you provide for this relation, but also the inputs provided for the other Status relation previously created, which may have nothing to do with it.

To Reproduce


    1. Create a new Status relation called ‘progress’, add 3 inputs: todo, in progress, done
    1. Create a second Status relation called ‘priority’, add 3 inputs: low, medium, high
    1. You can now select in the ‘progress’ relation not only todo, in progress, done, but also low, medium, high. The same is for the ‘priority’ relation

Expected behavior

I think every new Status relation should start empty, and allow only the inputs created for that specific relation.

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Possible duplicate of [581](Tags are not relation specific)

@lynxlove It’s very similar but I don’t think it’s a duplicate, status is a different type of relation than tags.

@Kite Yes but the essence is to have relation specific values, so maybe merge them both under a common title as such?

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@lynxlove Yes, that could be a possibility to merge in a more broad feature request