Table bug

What’s The Bug?

Edit text in the table, blocked by the control bar

How To Reproduce It

1 in the table, 2 Edit text ,Press Font(Aa)

Image or Video

The Expected Behavior

Hidden the control bar




ios 17.3

Anytype Version


Technical Information

设备: iPhone 13 Pro
操作系统版本: 17.3
App 版本: 0.27.1
构建版本: 3
库版本: v0.30.11
帐户 ID: A7dHmWqBXbfP2txnxUBhQaapBJZgVzL5bACN3zz571nPaHJ3
设备 ID: 12D3KooWMeMipvPrNdzWPgYxZsGMczQvVPPRCzQcSZedXqb7C1n4
分析 ID: 7eb39eac-7efb-4e3d-b98c-89dbf1d39a24

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