Syncing to iOS not working for all objects

Describe the bug
All (except one) of my “recipe” objects arent syncing to the iOS App. But on the Desktop App they are shown as “synced”
Also cant find them with search on mobile.
Syncing working fine in other objects.

To Reproduce
Dont know how to reproduce. Just found it.

I could try to link to the “missing” objects on Desktop and then open the links on a site that actually syncs. But I dont know If its good when wanting to find the problem.

System Information:

  • OS: Linux and iOS
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: iPhone 11
  • Anytype Version: iOS: 0.8.0 Build 37, Desktop 0.23.5

Can I send the diagnostics somewhere without uploading them here for all?


So I just used an object that syncs fine to link to the missing object. Now I can open it in on the iOS app.
But other recipe objects are still not syncing and the cover image is not syncing.

This bug is not specific to one type.

It also seems that new ones arent synced.
So the current state for me is, that the ones, that are there in the iOS app sync with other instances. But the ones, that werent synced to the iPhone once will not get synced.

Same here! I have one objects which connects my whole database together on android. About 30 objects. 5 of them sync since days. But the status of the page is “synced” which means it doesn’t even try to sync anymore. Anytype has especially problems syncing my tasks I recognized.

Does anybody know if I log out on android and log in back again do I have to start syncing everything from zero or might it help to get my database syncing completely?

All objects that I checked were synced now. So I will close this for now.

This is back unfortunately.

Got it synced by killing the app and restarting.

But not really a solution.

Part of our team is now working on new app architecture after this huge work will be finished sync issues would gone
… I hope)