Syncing to backup node stopped working

Describe the bug
For more than 2 weeks now I see No Connection as the status for the backup node. In some views (a particular new document), I see a yellow bullet with something to the effect in progress but cannot remember the text exactly.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Use Anytype? I’m afraid I do not have anything useful here.

Expected behavior
The sync thing should work.

System Information:

  • OS: windows 11 21H2 build 22000.438
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Intel i7 11th gen.
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.5

Additional context
I am running Portmaster on this machine and a pi.hole on the whole network. I do not see any connections being blocked on the Portmaster side. Pi-hole is not supposed to get a hit from this station running Anytype and Portmaster since Portmaster uses a different DNS server than my local pihole. Either way, I checked pihole and has logged no blocked connections to or or Maybe you can tell which one of these nodes are supposed to be your backup server?

// Anytype: ( :443)
‎ ( :443) -- this is your analytics
// Anytype helper: ( :6888 ) ( :443, :443 )
‎ ( :3006 )

I am also having this issue, though i’ve turned off my portmaster and still having my anytype not syncing. I will mention that i’ve “hardened” my Windows 10, but this was all before i even installed Anytype.

Update: Strikethrough above text, my Anytype magically sync’d after replying. The only thing I changed was allowing AnytypeHelper.exe through my firewall.

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Awesome! For me both Anytype Helper and Anytype are wide open, both are set to Allow by default. It might be a regional outage or something.

Just to clarify, I had to add AnytypeHelper to my Windows Defender Firewall and mine has private and public network access. If you haven’t checked this yet, give it a shot?

I don’t use windows defender firewall, it’s disabled. I use Portmaster instead, which is an open source firewall + adlist blocker, and in there both executables are set to allow all traffic.