Syncing to backup node stopped working

Describe the bug
For more than 2 weeks now I see No Connection as the status for the backup node. In some views (a particular new document), I see a yellow bullet with something to the effect in progress but cannot remember the text exactly.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Use Anytype? I’m afraid I do not have anything useful here.

Expected behavior
The sync thing should work.

System Information:

  • OS: windows 11 21H2 build 22000.438
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Intel i7 11th gen.
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.5

Additional context
I am running Portmaster on this machine and a pi.hole on the whole network. I do not see any connections being blocked on the Portmaster side. Pi-hole is not supposed to get a hit from this station running Anytype and Portmaster since Portmaster uses a different DNS server than my local pihole. Either way, I checked pihole and has logged no blocked connections to or or Maybe you can tell which one of these nodes are supposed to be your backup server?

// Anytype: ( :443)
‎ ( :443) -- this is your analytics
// Anytype helper: ( :6888 ) ( :443, :443 )
‎ ( :3006 )

I am also having this issue, though i’ve turned off my portmaster and still having my anytype not syncing. I will mention that i’ve “hardened” my Windows 10, but this was all before i even installed Anytype.

Update: Strikethrough above text, my Anytype magically sync’d after replying. The only thing I changed was allowing AnytypeHelper.exe through my firewall.

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Awesome! For me both Anytype Helper and Anytype are wide open, both are set to Allow by default. It might be a regional outage or something.

Just to clarify, I had to add AnytypeHelper to my Windows Defender Firewall and mine has private and public network access. If you haven’t checked this yet, give it a shot?

I don’t use windows defender firewall, it’s disabled. I use Portmaster instead, which is an open source firewall + adlist blocker, and in there both executables are set to allow all traffic.

@Panda are you still experiencing this issue with the latest version?

It seems that I have the same issue as @Panda had. No connection as the status of backup node on Win11. I’m also unable to log in on any android device despite multiple attempts on several devices and trying both Google Play and .apk version of the installer. Anytype just keeps showing “Setting up the wallet” on android.

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@boring_Pete thanks for sharing! Could you share your network setup here? Maybe one of the Anytype team members can help troubleshooting the connection issues.
What are your network configurations? - General Discussion & Q+A - Anytype Community

Ok, I got in touch with support, collected the debugging data and it seems that I found a new kind of bug :sweat_smile:. I’ll notify if anything changes.


I can’t connect currently either. May be another problem. Just wanted to tell so there is no additional confusion.
Edit: Working again for me.

Closing this topic as it seems this was an issue with the backup node.