Syncing does not add page-links


When working on more than one device, the syncing of links from pages added to collections or just the collection to the page it should be linked to is not synchronised


  1. Use Anytype on your secondary device (laptop in my case)
  2. Add new pages to a collection
  3. Open Anytype on your primary device
  4. wait for sync
  5. open your space
  6. see the unlinked pages in your space
  7. open the page with the collection you added the pages to
  8. wait for sync
  9. go back to your space and see the links appeared

10.Here is a recording of the creation of new pages to a collection on my laptop:

  1. And the view on my pc after “main sync”:


The behaviour on my recording is actually different to my current experiences.
Usually I work on my laptop for a few days and add pages which are connected to multiple collections (e.g. Tasks and Entries). Once I synchronise Anytype on my pc, the links between the pages i created on my laptop are not there, but there are just flying objects in the space, which can be fixed by opening the object the created pages are linked to (the collections).

That in my recording for this bug-report, the collection was not linked but the objects inside it were, is something I had not experienced before!


Every link is existing after synchronisation, even without the need to open a specific page to sync the links (as the pages already synced) to it


primary device:

  • DEVICE: Windows PC
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home ; Build 19045 (10.0.19045)
  • Anytype: 0.34.3

secondary device:

  • DEVICE: Surface Go 2
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro ; Build 22621 (10.0.22621)
  • Anytype: 0.34.3

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