Syncing barely works

I created most of my content on Windows. When I reinstall Anytype I always have a bunch of objects that do not sync. Same for android. I think it’s a common issue. I haven’t paid attention between sync issues from one platform to another lately.

The picture with the 7 objects not syncing are objects that never sync unfortunately : (

I’m still experiencing this.

I’ve seen Vova’s post on workarounds, but I’d rather wait until this is fixed.

Is there an ETA for this?

Hey @qualquertipo and @XxxBalCion and @pixelsnis . Thank you for reporting the issue.
Could you please do this in the desktop client

File - Object diagnostics
File - Tree diagnostics with opened object with which you are experiencing problems.
Send 2 debug files to us and link this topic.
This will help to debug the sync issue you are experiencing
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I will do that now :slight_smile:

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@XxxBalCion were you able to share the logs? :slight_smile:

Yes i did share the logs


As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t have access to my laptop for a few weeks. Can do this once I’m back.


Hi, since the 0.9.0 update (I’m not sure though, it may just be that I never noticed before) I’m facing syncing issues on my phone (LineageOS 19.1, Android 12, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro). Some objects are stuck on syncing. In the desktop application I can see the “synced” label.

Should I do this?

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Yes :+1:

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I have a Set that shows on Android and doesn’t on my desktop client (Windows).
Do your instructions apply to Sets as well?

In any case, I can’t open the set on desktop (as it does’t show there, neither can be found via Search).

I am experiencing a bunch of errors trying to sync on Android and Windows. After a full system restart I am finally passed the “preparing” message in the windows applications but I am still stuck like this. Just a bunch of swirling icons for a few of my recently created notes.


@pixelsnis @irongiant Hi! Could you please provide object and tree diagnostic. It will help us investigate the issue

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 17.59.51

Any update on my syncing objects? I provided the logs about a month ago.

What is the status on the sync issues?

As of yesterday I discovered have very inconsistant syncing.

On the same page/object I have a link to a set that doesn’t syncs to my android phone or work laptop (both on my own wifi network) while at the same time changing headers, alignment and text style from blocks syncs in (almost) real time on that same page.

I can only take the info from here. Says everything should work.


I put an inquiry in with our CTO and this was his response:

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I just checked, it is now synced on both my phone and work laptop. So as of now, it can take a while for sync to fully work?

Are there different types of syncing or priority for sets/objects/blocks? New sets take longer (say up to 12 hours) while changing text styles is near real time.

Maybe it would be nice to have a more detailed sync menu/screen? Where is says what is syncing or stuck? perhaps even a request sync button to force a sync manually?

Related requests:

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Those question have to be answered by the team.