Sync status inconsistent

Case: WLAN turned off 12 hours, anytype openend within this period. Written few lines.

Status: synced.

If I click on status, it shows “no connection”, but still green and synced :slight_smile:

now, after turning WLAN on again, it synced with my mobile, but same failure with backup node:

@wemiprog Hi! Please, send me your logs. You can do it by click on the upper panel, move to file -> object diagnostic.

First status Synced showing Green if synced at least with one node

Backup node Not syncing may happen due to several issues from network to maintainance

Do you see such problems now?

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@wemiprog Whats you current status on this topic?

Closing this because of no further interaction. Feel free to open a new bug report if it becomes a problem again.

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