Sync control

Half of this post is an extended duplicate of [187](Selective Synchronization).

A few ideas about sync control:

Many apps have an offline mode. It would be nice, if we had full control about this with anytype.

:airplane: Different sync states (for temporary or static usage)

  • Offline (NO sync)
  • Local (sync in network, without need of a provider)
  • Online P2P (sync with all my end devices, if needed via provider)
  • Online Backup (sync with all my “devices”, even headless / backup)


This helps in this case for example:

  • A desktop at home, connected to the internet, anytype open
  • A notebook, connected via Mobile Hotspot
  • A smartphone, connected via Provider, usage costs

So we can sync now notebook and smartphone without generating costs because of the desktop sync

:joystick: Extended control

An other nice thing would be to control each sync node.

  • Each node possible, device type (phone, tablet, notebook) possible
  • Old data removal on mobile devices (only most current files cached)
  • Sync switch
  • Advanced selection
    • Which pages
    • Which file sizes
    • What always, what on demand
    • and so on …

To make it perfect, those settings would sync, but only if wished


Sync in network, without internet (is ISP what you mean by provider?), is very important to me.
Somehow I thought this was already possible in AnyType, but I tested it just recently (by turning on a wifi router that is not connected to the internet, and connecting two ANyType devices to it), and no syncing happened.

Afaik sync works in this case already, but the discovery process isn’t working (well).
That means, the devices dont find each other and therefore cant start to sync. If you connect the router to the internet, they should find each other and then you should be able to take away the internet and sync should go on.


Thanks, this has worked excellently (albeit sometimes it is slow).