Support more flexible column layout

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The current column layout is not flexible enough, it is difficult to achieve the following column layout (just give an example to illustrate the intent).

These two pictures are screenshots I took from notion. Pay attention to the red box and the vertical controller, the three blocks on the right are in the same group, I can adjust the two rows at the same time. The order on the phone is what I want.

Below two screenshots is from Anytype. It is a similar layout I achieved in Anytype, but pay attention to the red box, these 3 blocks are not a group (unable to achieve, for groups using the same vertical controller, only one block can be supported per row), and the order on the phone is not what I want.

Describe the solution you’d like
Support more flexible column layout as above


Which application is your example from?

The columns seems to be flexible enough already

However, rows are not flexible. i.e I cannot add a new row in the marked region.


How do you create three columns under one? For me it just adds then below eachother or besides eachother…

You can resize the columns after adding 5 of them such that 3 of then lies below the first column of the previous row and the other 2 lies below the second column of the previous row

Sorry, my fault, I didn’t describe it clearly. I have revised the issue description, please check it out.

It is screenshot taken from Notion :grinning:

Perfect and would be lovely to have this flexibility :smile:

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